The corporation, an umbrella of its subsidiary Corporations, was incorporated in October 10th,  2003 in the State of California, headquartered in Ontario  CA . Our offices are also located in, London and Nigeria. The corporation was established by Chairman Chief Ngozi Anslem Gbemudu, with the vision of a global diversification into all segments of Petroleum refined products Crude Oil, Minerals,Gas, and Real estate acquisitions worldwide, primarily for the benefit of the United States Department of defense, DLA-energy strategic supplies and the world by and large.

We  only Procure refined petroleum products from Refineries and the Majors worldwide, within countries that are not sanctioned and not on the OFAC list. Refined products are solely for our supplies contracts to the United States Department Of Defense / DLA-Energy worldwide. We also supply Nigerian Light Crude Oil to refineries (with  a processing agreement for refined products specifically for the United States Department of Defense (DLA-Energy worldwide) All other supplies of Nigerian Light crude oil are for refineries that have  a minimum processing capacity of 150,000 US barrels per day and all Majors. All other 3rd party buyers must submit 3 years audited financials, 5 crude oil trade references, within 24 months and a minimum of 2 top 25 world bank references. All documents must be verifiable. All 3rd party buyers must go through our marketing department for the vetting process.


This Corporation, its affiliates and employees are fully in Compliance with the United States Governments Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Of 1977, as amended, 15 U.S.C. 78DD-1 et seq. ("FCPA"). For Guidance click on the link below: